The Blends

Miscele Caffè - Espresso Napoletano


Strong and Creamy

Strong and determined, this coffee gives a strong shock to every sip, taste and aroma of the Parthenopean tradition.

Robusta 70%
Arabica 30%


Balanced Taste

Balanced taste, an unmistakable coffee, suitable for even the most refined palate.

Robusta 50%
Arabica 50%


Sweet and Aromatic

A sweet espresso, ideal for those who in the cafe breaks a moment of total relaxation. Not available.

Robusta 35%
Arabica 65%
Miscele Caffè - Arabica


Pure Pleasure

Simply pure pleasure, especially loved by those who prefer to drink the bitter coffee, thanks to the already sweet taste of her.

Robusta 0%
Arabica 100%