Shipment and Payment

Spedizione gratuita in tutta ITALIA

LOVE MARA CAFFE ‘shipped throughout Italy safely and quickly.

In Europe, we ship to the following countries: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Principality of Monaco.

Available products and offers may differ for national and European sales

For our shipments, we use express courier SDA, partner of Italian posters, and this is synonymous with safety and speed in delivery.
When you arrive at the cart you will be able to choose the shipping mode among those available:

Standard “ITALY”: 3-4 working days.

Expressed “ITALY”: 1-2 business days, whose fixed cost is 10 € for orders under 20kg, 12 for orders over 20kg.

Standard “Europe”: about 7 working days.

Pagamenti sicuri e nessuna sorpresa

We decided to show our prices clearly:

VAT included, shipping costs and incidental expenses * always specified.

For sale in Italy you can choose from

Bank transfer: The order will be prepared upon confirmation of payment, which you can send by mail or fax.

Marking: Payment IN CONNECTION to delivery, directly to courier.

PayPal / Credit Card: All the security and guarantees of the PayPal system.


* Management fees, marking charges or bank charges and any other ancillary charges will be quantified in your shopping cart if you plan.